blitz tour. love rekindled and ready for love by nyora rené.

Love Rekindled

NBA superstar Malcolm James has everything—fame, money, and two beautiful kids—but no woman to call his own. When his ex, Charmaine Mouton, arrives in Houston to sing the national anthem at the All-Star Game, he can’t help but remember all the good times they shared, and he’s determined not to let her get away again.

Five years ago, Charmaine Mouton made the difficult choice to pursue a singing career and lost the love of her life in the process. Now a successful recording artist, when she sees Malcolm again, she decides to reach for the life she left behind.

But relationships take work, and Malcolm and Charmaine will have to put in the work if they want their love to last the second time around.



Ready for Love

As manager to some of the country’s hottest stars, Denise Mitchell has it all and then some. Fabulous career? Check. Brownstone in SoHo, NYC? Check. Enviable lifestyle? Check. She works hard, plays even harder, and lives life to the fullest.

Enter NBA superstar Drew Smith. Fine as hell, down to earth, and the best sex she’s ever had. But Drew is ready to settle down and change his ways, and he’s set his sights on Denise Mitchell. She’s his every fantasy rolled into one luscious package. The problem? She’s determined to keep their relationship casual.

Well...we’ll see about that.




NYORA RENÉ has always been an avid reader. She discovered a whole new world full of possibilities when she developed a love of reading. Nyora’s favorite books involve handsome, alpha male heroes, and beautiful strong heroines. When Nyora decided to follow her passion and write books, romance was the natural choice. Her goal is to create wonderfully strong characters who are lovable and real, the kind of characters she would want to read about. Her debut novel, Love Rekindled, hit the scenes in 2016 and was an Amazon bestseller. In addition to writing and reading, Nyora loves to spend time with her family and friends; she also loves shopping and traveling. She hopes to one day visit all 50 states, and has already checked off half of them. If you still want more, check out her website or email her at


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Charmaine shifted in her seat and uncrossed her legs. “Excuse me, I need to go to the restroom,” she said to the group. 

“I need to use the restroom myself. I’ll show you where it’s located.” Malcolm rose from his chair and pulled hers out. He knew from past experience that the restrooms were in a secluded corner of the restaurant and were easy to miss if you weren’t paying attention.

As they walked toward the restrooms, Malcolm’s hand grazed her lower back, close to the curve of her bottom. Charmaine’s back stiffened for a moment before her body melted into his touch. Once out of sight of the other diners, Malcolm let his hand drift to her bottom and squeezed. Still as juicy and firm as he remembered.

Charmaine’s low moan reached his ears and she stopped in the middle of the secluded hallway. Standing behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, he ground his erection against her derriere, both of them gasping at the friction.

Malcolm guided Charmaine by the hips, steering them toward the alcove tucked past the restrooms. On his first visit to this restaurant, he had come by the alcove by accident while looking for the men’s room. He leaned down and nuzzled the curve of her neck, inhaling her scent, before placing a soft kiss there. When she moaned, he grinned and licked a path from beneath her ear to the curve of her neck. Once they got to the alcove he spun her around, plastered his front on hers, and braced her back against the wall.

Looking down into her dark brown almond-shaped eyes, all of those old feelings hit him. Not just the lust—although that still was his predominant thought—but all the small things that he used to love about her. Like her inability to hide her emotions from him and how she reacted to his touch.

“Mal…mmm…Malcolm, what are we…what are we doing?” Charmaine gasped.

He moved closer, pressing light butterfly kisses against her neck. She felt so good against him, and he loved the way she arched into his touch and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her body closer to his.

He almost didn’t respond to her question, but when she gasped his name and repeated her words, he pulled back, breathing harshly. Her skin was just as smooth as ever and he was dangerously close to being lost in her. His eyes met her dilated ones, and it took every bit of self-control he had not to devour her on the spot. Instead, he let the back of his hand caress the side of her face as he stared into her eyes. 

“This is a proper greeting, not that sanitized one you gave me earlier,” he murmured.

“Proper greeting? Sanitized?” Charmaine choked out, her body slightly arching away from his embrace and arms loosening from around his neck.

“Yes, did you really think a simple ‘hi’ would be enough for me?” he asked. 

“I thought saying hi after not seeing each other for years was an acceptable greeting. What did you expect?” she asked, head tilted to the side, body still leaning slightly away in his embrace.

“A hug to start off,” Malcolm murmured, drawing her back to his body as he focused his attention on nuzzling her neck.

“Well, you’re taking a lot more than a hug now,” she said, shivering. 

He smiled against her neck and closed both eyes, squeezing her body a bit more tightly to his. 

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blitz tour. wild thoughts by delaney diamond.

It started with a little white lie...
Lindsay Winthrop’s weekly podcast on sex and dating has garnered thousands of listeners across the country, thanks to experience with a loving fiancé she’s been with for years. Except, her husband-to-be doesn’t exist, and now she’s in a bind. With a book deal on the line, she has to find a man fast, and Malik Brooks might be just the man she’s looking for. 

If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll stay away from her... 
A few years ago, Malik gave up sex and now works hard as a metal sculptor. In doing so, he’s created enough pieces to fill a gallery, and his vow of celibacy has kept him focused. When a major deal falls through, Lindsay makes him an offer he can’t refuse, and all he has to do is pretend to be her fiancé. Sounds easy at first, but after one kiss, he wants more. Then things really get interesting.




Delaney Diamond is the USA Today Bestselling Author of sweet, sensual, passionate romance novels, born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She reads romance novels, mysteries, thrillers, and a fair amount of nonfiction. When she’s not busy reading or writing, she’s in the kitchen trying out new recipes, dining at one of her favorite restaurants, or traveling to an interesting locale. To get sneak peeks, notices of sale prices, and find out about new releases, visit her website and join her mailing list. Enjoy free reads and the first chapter of all her novels at


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Malik walked in holding a Styrofoam cup and brown paper sack and looked very delicious in a chest-hugging orange T-shirt and jeans. Her pulse rate tripled. She wanted him like she never wanted any man before. Breathe

“Hey.” He gave the room a cursory review, and when the corners of his mouth pushed up into a slow, delicious smile, her toes curled in her shoes.  

“What’s in the bag?” Lindsay went to stand in front of him.

“Mexican food from your new favorite place.” He handed the food and drinks to her. 

His gaze traveled over her body, and she felt his look as if he’d trailed his fingers over her breasts and waist.

“My new favorite place?” she asked, continuing the friendly conversation despite the way the temperature in the room had raised a few notches. “On Buford Highway, I guess?”

“Of course.” 

He was right. It was her new favorite place. She’d been back several times since their trip there. 

Lindsay set the items on the table and peeked in the bag. 

“A couple of tacos and a burrito,” Malik said. He was much closer now, his voice low and the heat from his body warming her back.

“That’s a lot of food.” She closed the bag. 

“You can save some for later.” 

Lindsay turned to face him, and he was standing closer than she thought. She reached for the mental strength required not to maul him.

“Why are you all up on me?” She stepped back so her thighs bumped the edge of the desk. 

“Why do you think?” He came closer. A few more inches and they’d touch. 

“I have no idea. I have no idea why you’re even here,” she whispered, because that’s all she could manage.

Malik hooked a finger in the waistband of her black slacks and pulled until the tips of her breasts touched his chest. His gaze dropped to her lips. “I think you know why I’m here.”

“Why don’t you tell me.”

His gaze flicked up to hers, and their eyes locked. “I’d rather show you.” 

With a hand at her nape, Malik slanted his mouth over hers. She gave in without hesitation.

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tonight's the night. the breakup plan.

A man without a plan is a shell without purpose.

Which is why I sat down almost nine years ago and put pen to paper mapping out my ten-year plan. I meant business. Everything that could set me up for a lifetime of joy had to go down on the list, and every day I worked my ass off to fulfill it.

Open my own sports agency. Check.

Earn first million by my thirtieth birthday. I did that a week before I turned 26.

Negotiate the most lucrative contract in Major League’s history. Did that, too. Then went and broke my own record. (Thanks big bro!)

I could go on, but this isn’t about bragging. It’s me admitting in the midst of drafting something that helps shape and mold much of my success, I made a costly mistake.

One day I realized all those entries with corresponding checkmarks are pointless if I never factored into the equation the most important goal of all. Avery.

Perhaps way back then I wasn’t ready to see how much my best friend of fifteen years deserved that number one spot in my life. Maybe I was blind since the whole settle down and get married scenario wasn’t my thing since, well, forever. But now that I’m aware of the role I need her to fill in my life, there’s no such thing as letting go until I can convince her to be mine.

Considering she’s about to marry someone else does make winning her heart a little bit dicey. But if there’s anything you should ever know about me is that I always play to win. And losing Avery is non-negotiable.

 A Best Friends to Enemies Romance

drew + avery’s story is finally here!

Their story a/k/a The Breakup Plan will be released tonight at 10 PM. Don’t forget to click here to add it on Goodreads.

Want to know more about The Breakup Plan? You’re in luck. I’m doing a Blitz Tour with Honey Magnolia PR today. Check out the Blitz Tour Schedule (below) and visit some awesome sites.

Before you leave, I have a few goodies for you. Enjoy!

Click to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Gift Card and Signed Copy of The Breakup Plan.

Click this link to check out the first three chapters of The Breakup Plan.

- tia.

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calling all bloggers and reviewers.


Teaser Campaign: September 5, 12 and 17
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Blog Tour: September 24-28
ARC Request Opportunity


Add On Goodreads

Open to all bloggers, reviewers, book influencers, book tubers, podcaasters, and readers. Click to sign up for Teaser Campaign, Blitz, Book Tour and ARC review copies.

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blog tour. first love second chance.

Nine years ago, wide receiver and notorious playboy, Colt Emerson, walked away from marriage to the only woman he ever loved. A chance encounter with a runaway teen convinces him there’s more to life than his own selfish needs. But Social Services won’t consider him an acceptable candidate to adopt the kid unless he can provide a stable family environment, and Colt only trusts one woman to handle the job—his ex-wife, Shayla.

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texas forever.

I've never felt so helpless as I have this week.

A couple of days ago, I shared images of my parents’ home - a place I once lived in and even visited just a few weeks ago - as it was being destroyed as a result of Hurricane Harvey. In the midst of a panic attack, I deleted all traces of those pictures a few hours later. I wanted to erase this storm, it's damage and devastation, and the pain it's causing Texas. I needed the pain to be gone, as if deleting pictures would make Hurricane Harvey and it's destruction go away.

I've shared countless times that Philadelphia is the place that felt like home for many years, but in every story I've written and every chance I get, it's clear that Texas is the place that's always been home. Now, my home state is fractured and bruised, and this feeling hurts immensely. It was the most crippling feeling I've ever felt, that sense of helplessness from being 1,329 miles away from most of my family and not being able to see with my own eyes that they were safe. All I could do was watch and pray. For me, prayer is the best course of action, but still I felt like it was not enough and that guilt racked through me.

Every emotion one could feel, these past few days, I felt it. My parents lost their home. A cousin I grew up with passed away unrelated, yet unexpectedly in the midst of it. The images on television chronicling this crisis were everywhere paralyzingly me. It was all too much. I clicked a button to remove the picture of a kitchen with flood water up to the countertops. I clicked to remove the floating table my cousins and I exchanged stories about our youth for our kids to hear just last month. I clicked to erase the recliner submerged beneath water that my father sat in with my grandson, showing him pictures of me as a little girl. The picture of my parents’ view outside their second floor window while waiting for a boat to come rescue them… it had to go, too. My daughter and I just walked those streets, laughing and sharing our “adventure” on social media while giggling over random sounds that come out at night. Memories we shared. Memories we were losing. I felt this thing growing inside me that was dimming my light. As this dark, hurting feeling fully took hold, I closed myself off to the world and cried feeling helpless. Just helpless… worry no longer all I thought was consuming me. It was met by an outright fury and fear, anger and regret. This pain that had been brewing just as the storm was growing was all too much. It's too much for anyone. I can't even begin to imagine what those experiencing firsthand must feel.

I woke sometime later actually feeling the blood coursing through my veins reminding me that I'm a Texan through and through. Texas made me. Texas raised me. We are badass because it's simply in our DNA… ask any Texan - by birth or adopted by the Lone Star State. You just don't mess with us. Period. It was this stamp on my heart that reminded me that my state, my family, our families and friends may be down at this moment, but they are strong. Texas strong.

I love you, Texas.

You are my home. You are my heart. You are mine forever and my prayer for your continued strength and recovery will never cease.

I love you, Texas.

You may be hurting today, but you will be healed. We are Texas. We can never be defeated.

I love you, Texas.

Stay strong.


Texas strong. Texas forever.

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dive in.

It's that time of year, so grab your sunnies, beach towels and e-readers.

I'm inviting you to kick off your summer reading with my novel Love Is.

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bloom, baby, bloom.

It's May, which means we're now five months into 2017. We're also in the midst of growth and blooming season. All you have to do is look around to see May flowers popping up all around us courtesy of those April showers. These blooms are the little reminders my spirit has been in need of lately.

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