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a sneak peek… baby love.

“Where are you going? You can’t leave yet. You know they’re going to want yours, too.”

Warren’s panicked pleas echoed throughout empty corridor, but Trent refused to look back at his older brother or return to the conference room to take yet another paternity test.

“Yo Trent! Man, we need you.” His late father’s namesake and the only other full-blooded child born to both Warren and Lilian Scott picked up speed to catch up with Trent. Their other supposed siblings whose mothers often attached the Scott last name on their birth certificates always appeared in their lives with a big question mark and lots of paperwork… except for today. Today Trent knew his dad had fathered that kid.

Punching the elevator button, Trent willed it to come sooner rather than later. With both hands jammed into his pockets and his six-seven frame facing forward, Trent sighed realizing his brother still didn’t get the message he tried sending him before walking out of their lawyer’s office.

“Return for what? Aren’t you tired of this?” Trent’s frustration was clear as he ground out the words through his clenched teeth. “This is the eighth case since Dad died.”

“Yeah, but five of them were lying.”

“Well two of them obviously didn’t. They even produced proof that Dad knew about them and had been sending money once he found out. No wonder they thought they deserve a piece of whatever he left his kids,” Trent said looking down into Warren’s face surprising himself with his own words. The elevator doors slid open and Trent stared into the empty enclosed space willing his feet to take him inside. He wanted to eject himself from this Groundhog’s Day moment. “Did you see him? You know that’s Dad’s kid.”

Warren reached out to grip Trent’s arm. Narrowing his eyes – hazel ones of gold and green intensified by flecks of brown. They were eyes identical to Trent’s, their father’s and as much as he hated to admit it, the three year old that was holding onto his mother for dear life back inside the conference room. “Don’t say that out loud. You know ever since Pops died that all these THOTs were going to jump out staking claim on ours.”

“On what?” Trent turned around and growled out. “To claim the debt? The headaches from paying off baby mamas trying to keep all of this out the press? Us pushing them to give their child some last name other than Scott?”

“Dude chill. What the hell has gotten into you lately?”

Yeah what? Trent asked himself, but now was not the time nor was the family lawyer’s office the place. What Trent needed was a vacation. It had been a few months since his last one and the call from his mother’s doctor had interrupted it.

“Mr. Scott?”

“Yes.” Trent and Warren said simultaneously. Both men turned to find a young woman eyeing them.

“They’re ready for you now.”

Trent nodded knowing delaying the collection of his samples would only delay the inevitable while racking up even more legal expenses the estate could not afford. It was also a headache he needed handled before his mother caught wind of yet another illegitimate child.

Turning to look at his brother, Trent grew irritated after catching Warren do what Warren Senior did best. Chase after the wrong one. Eyeing the rings on the woman’s left hand, Trent shook his head and nudged Warren toward the conference room. He didn’t bother warning Warren away from her as it would be the pot calling the kettle black. After all, they did what Warren Scott Senior taught his sons best.

As long as you have good help to clean up after, party on.

Except now the only person left to clean any of the mess his father left behind seemed to be him.

when love shows up unannounced.

baby love. by tia kelly.
june 2015

Tia Kelly