no more love… in common.

The Legacy series is growing! I remember when I first introduced the Wilkerson family a couple of years ago. Since then, many of you asked about Paige Scott's family, so I released Baby Love and Love Is. Then some of you wanted to know even more about the Scotts, including Trent and Paige's brother Warren, Jr. Well, it took some time, but Warren very well could have met his match in No More Love.

Meet Warren (junior that is). Just like his late father and namesake, he is a player… except he's not one to get caught up in drama like his dad. There will be no out-of-wedlock babies (or in-wedlock either), no trail of tears in his honor, and damn sure no love. His path is his own and he doesn't have time for distractions - just unattached detours.

Meet Brooke. It doesn't take long for Warren to realize she's the perfect woman - as a player recognizes their own. She gets the rules and expects no exceptions. In fact, she even has a few rules of her own.

But what fun are rules unless they can be broken?

No More Love will not be released until next month, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek anyway.

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love is… a journey.

A fellow author once said, “Tia… you sure do like to paint yourself into a corner with your characters.” I just remember smiling and having a good laugh with her about it, because it’s true. On more than one occasion, I have shared a character’s damning flaws or situation and then had to turn around and point out the good in them with hopes to make them a hero or heroine… after previously convincing the reader that the character was unredeemable. It’s not intentional, it just happened that way a few times. Okay… once I knew I would have to figure out a way to turn a character around. The others though… nope, no advance plans for character rehab.

When the idea for Love Is first came up, I really put myself into a predicament.

Posted on December 15, 2015 .

love is… it's here.

Love Is is here! Click to get your sneak peek at my new release inside the blog.

It took a once-in-a-lifetime bond to teach her what love is, and a once-in-a-lifetime betrayal to show her what love is not... Love Is. A different kind of love story.

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love is… the music.

Music was an important part of how I chose to tell this story. Love Is drops you into the early eighties and what better way to help the reader get a feel for what was happening at the time than through the music the characters heard around them. I created a playlist featuring songs curated from 1982 to 1992 (although some were released before then). Each one helped inspire many of the scenes and emotions expressed throughout this story.

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the pen series… operation midnight.

Sharon C. Cooper is hands down, one of my favorite romantic suspense authors. It was her Reunited Series that opened my eyes to the world of nail biting excitement full of sensual, passionate romance. That is why I'm excited about her brand new release, Operation Midnight.

Sharon is here today as a guest blogger to tell us more about Wiz and Olivia's story. Please help me welcome her to the pen series. and be sure to grab your copy of Operation Midnight this weekend.

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an update and an excerpt… love is.

Last week, I revealed a story that I didn't plan to write, but I'm so happy that I did. In Love Is, Diane Collins had big plans for her life, and hoops star Warren Scott was not among them. He doesn't want to be the face of the NBA, and she doesn't care that he is. His reluctance to be part of the limelight disarms her and the two embark on an unlikely friendship that becomes an even unlikelier romance. Soon, his life is her life - filled with VIP treatment, parties and luxuries beyond Diane's wildest imagination. But Warren is harboring a secret, and once it's revealed Diane's decision to stay or go could change the very fabric of who she thought she was.

In the coming weeks, I will share more with you about Diane's story, Love Is. However, I do have an unedited sample from the manuscript just to give you a peek at what's to come.

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