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day ten. let me get back to you.

The 30-Day Minimalism Challenge is taking us back to our digital life. Okay, I can dig it…. guess sleeping in late until it's time for lunch doesn't count.

There was once a time when I would check my phone if I heard an alert after getting in bed. I had to train myself to leave my cellphone on the other side of the bedroom and place it face down so the screen doesn't glow. (I know some suggest leaving phones downstairs, with the reasoning of extra effort keeping users from looking at their phones "after hours." With my family and other responsibilities, I have to have my phone accessible at all times. However, I do leave other electronics downstairs and out of the bedroom… the idea used to make the writer in me cringe, but I keep a notebook next to my bed instead of my Macbook or iPad if I need to wake up and jot something down.)

Knowing how people expect what they want, when they want it, this task might be difficult. Especially if you have a boss or client that needs to hear from you first thing today. If you can't hold off on email until lunch, cut out personal email… anything is better than nothing.

Day 10: No email or social media until lunch.

"Use your most productive hours of the day to get shit done and resist checking your feeds until lunch time. Then celebrate how much more you accomplished!"

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