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day eleven. do you.

I'm now in the second phase of the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge that was created by Into Mind and can already feel its effect on my life. That's probably why I'm excited about today's goal.

Far too often, I find myself telling people I have too much on my plate or I open up my inbox/mailbox to find junk mail… except at some point it wasn't junk. I actually requested it and wanted to be a part of whatever it was - a group I signed up for, store membership programs, after school programs my children lost interest in but for some reason I'm still tied to it… yeah… today's assignment is a good one.

What I'm discovering is that sometimes the task is just not for me or perhaps my priorities have simply shifted and certain things no longer fit into where I am in my life right now. And that's perfectly fine. This is something that I not always accepted and didn't recognize it was what led me to often resenting projects and activities I once loved.

This includes gym memberships (I'm actually loving and needing this in my life so that's a keeper), groups whose rosters I've cluttered way longer than necessary, hobbies that turned into chores… I do know one place where I'll begin: my wallet. Inside it are countless cards granting me access to perks and bonuses, but I haven't touched them in months (or years). I'm too afraid to toss them, just in case I happen to "need" them one day, yet I'm paying a renewal fee for a savings I don't even enjoy. Those are going "bye-bye" pronto.

Today I am continuing this process of checking out what I've committed to and if it still suits me by looking at what fits into my life and complements my priorities. If it doesn't, a polite cancellation or conversation will take place.

Day 11: Evaluate your commitments.

"Write down all of your regular commitments, i.e. memberships, side projects and other responsibilities. Then be honest: Which of these do you only keep up out of obligation and which do you truly enjoy or are meaningful to you?"

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