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day eight. it's me time, not we time.

I remember the first time I went to the movies and dinner by myself. I never thought much about it until the day I actually decided to do it. I realized that evening that I love my own company sometimes. Yes, there are times when I need external stimulation. (Hush yo' mouth! Just zip it up and don't even think about going there… especially my romance readers. *wink*)

This one item in the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge takes the task a step further. The timing is actually perfect, so I kind of feel like I'm cheating. If I don't have any tagalongs today, I will stop by the farmers market to get my me time started.

Day 8: Learn to enjoy solitude.

"Spend at least 3 hours (ideally more) alone, without social media or background chatter from the TV. Pay attention to what it feels like to be in complete solitude and, if you like, write down your thoughts."

What are you doing today?

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