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day nine. woke up like what?

My daughter and two favorite friends at Sephora and MAC will probably disown me after this, but I'm enjoying the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge and have no plans to quit now.

I really don't use a lot of products in the summertime. I'm optimistic that if I can convince myself to keep it minimal now that fall is around the corner, I can have a few extra minutes for my morning rituals.

I'm grabbing three items for this: a keep it bin, donate bin, and a trash can. (Self explanatory.) Just make sure the donate bin is actually sent on its merry way and doesn't linger or find its way back to your personal stock. I'm placing mine next to the front door so I can drop it off at whoever wants to claim it.

Day 9: Downsize your beauty collection.

"Tackle your beauty products today! Write a list of everything you use on a regular basis from the top of your head (without checking your beauty cabinets). Throw out or give away everything else."

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