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days fourteen through seventeen. the weekend edition.


It's a long weekend with a lot happening each day. Since I'm planning out the next few days, I thought I'd pull up the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge to see what I need to prepare for. Why didn't someone warn me about the spend-free day that happens to fall on Labor Day Weekend?!? Somebody pray for me… y'all know my love affair with shopping and sales… sigh.

Day 14: Take a step towards learning a new skill.

"Learning expands your horizon and can be so much fun! Today, pick a skill you have always been curious about, gather whatever you need and get started!"

Day 15: Examine your daily habits.

"Today, take a closer look at your everyday habits, from your morning routine to the way you work to your evening activities. Which habits could you improve, which should you drop, which new ones could you pick up?"

Day 16: Don’t buy anything for 24 hours.

"Break through an unhealthy cycle of emotional spending by going on a one-day shopping fast. Don’t buy anything, not even food or essentials, for 24 hours (make sure you prep in advance). Then see how you feel!"

Day 17: Practice single-tasking.

"Nothing drains energy faster than constantly switching between multiple tasks. Practice truly focusing on one thing at a time using a timer like this one. Stick to short bursts of concentrated work with regular breaks in-between."

Tia Kelly