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I'm so excited about two things. First, I've joined the Romance Novels In Color team as their marketing coordinator. Romance Novels in Color is a site devoted to romance lovers and advances the awareness and appreciation of diversity in romance novels. The hero or heroine of all romance novels on RNIC will be a person of color. My new role is what led me to the second project I'm excited about… Love Bites!

I'm inviting you to join us for RNIC Love Bites today! Why? Whether you're a writer or reader, there's something fun in store for you. 

The first three Tuesdays of every month, Romance Novels in Color will post a writing prompt at 7:00 am EST and challenge authors to show what an excellent writer they are. Readers, published authors, and aspiring authors are welcome to participate. The mission is to write a flash fiction story (1000 words or less) in the comments.

Each week, readers will have a chance to win a novel by one of the participating authors!

Visit www.romancenovelsincolor.com today to discover Love Bites and have fun with today's prompt.

Tia Kelly