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5 Things I Learned About Wine While Writing More Than a Mistress

By Delaney Diamond

Hi Tia and Tia’s readers! *waving* Thanks for having me!

Authors typically receive the following advice: Write what you know. But in the over six years that I’ve been a published author, write what you know is not always as interesting as writing about what you don’t know. When I’m forced to do research and explore topics and settings I’m not be familiar with, I learn a lot in the process.

More Than a Mistress is a love story between Sonia Kennedy, a sommelier (aka wine consultant) and Esteban Galiano, an Argentinean restaurateur. Although the relationship starts out in an atypical fashion, where Esteban pursues Sonia and she eventually becomes his mistress—or a kept woman—they fall in love with each other.

To add authenticity to the story, I researched sommeliers and wines and collected wayyyy more information than I needed for the book, so I’ll share a little bit of that with you today.

1.     The Master Sommelier Diploma is the highest achievement in the world of wine. As of this writing, only 230 people in the entire world have reached such a high level of achievement. People who study for the exam tend to do so for hours on end and dedicate themselves to this for years, often ignoring friends and family in the process. The documentary Somm is on Netflix and an excellent resource to see what life is like for the diploma candidates.

2.     Proper wine service etiquette dictates that women are served first, then men, and the person who ordered the wine is served last. If the person who ordered the wine is a woman, she is still served last.

3.     The world of sommeliers is male-dominated, but women tend to be better wine tasters because women, particularly of reproductive ages, have a better sense of smell than men. (Who knew?)

4.     According to the wine institute, California produces 85 percent of U.S. wine production, making it the number four top wine producer in the world! That’s after Italy, Spain, and France.

5.     Which country drinks the most wine per capita? Vatican City. That’s because they drink wine for communion, and the Vatican is filled with elderly males who eat communally in large groups, all of which increases the propensity for wine consumption.

6.     Bonus: oenophobia is an intense fear or hatred of wine.

Now you’re like me—you know way more about wine than you ever needed to know, LOL. Thanks a lot for letting me visit with you today!


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