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I've met many authors in recent years, but one in particular has decided to take their gift of writing and pay it forward to encourage others. Angelia Vernon Menchan is part of Honorable Menchan Media and is celebrating their latest release today - Women Most Wanted by Elissa Gabrielle and Angelia Vernon Menchan. 

I invited Angelia to love notes by tia… the blog. to discuss why she has expanded her knowledge of self publishing to help others also achieve their dreams of becoming published.

About Women Most Wanted by Elissa Gabrielle and Angelia Vernon Menchan

Arba Vermont and Ashanti Samuels are inseparable best friends, closer than sisters. Arba is a high profile attorney and Ashanti an up and coming local politician. They are also beautiful and most wanted, for most things good. They have an association serving young women and the sky seems to be the limit but things are not always as they seem. 

There are secrets unknown to the women that could threaten everything they have worked so hard for. In many ways, it could be life threatening. The past is dying to become the present and players with differing agendas lurk. Will the women with it all be able to bond and overcome the forces that want to divide and conquer? And what about love? Is that even an option for women with seemingly no need for more?

Gabrielle and Vernon-Menchan have penned a fast-paced, suspense filled drama filled with secrets, lies but more than anything love, family and resilience.

Women Most Wanted is available on Amazon.


In 2007, after publishing for a year, I decided to incorporate my publishing company and MAMM Productions was born.

For four years, the focus was on my books and I wrote, my sons providing some editing and my husband designing covers and driving me to events. However in 2011, I decided to publish two anthologies to provide opportunities for other authors. The first was me and three young women, Women Writes, and the next was written with an older woman, Mother Wit. That unleashed a desire in me to do grassroots publishing for others.

What I mean by that, I publish their work and it's up to them what they do with it. With my youngest son Malik, we incorporated Honor Menchan Media under which he does music and I publish books. Since then we have published several authors hopefully helping them realize their dreams. We publish across genre and I have to feel some kind of connection to the project to publish it.

Connect with Angelia Vernon Menchan and Honorable Menchan Media, visit her website.