sample sunday. the after.

His resigned sigh brought out the scrutiny in Dr. Patankar’s gaze.

“Let’s shift lanes for a minute. Chase, how did things go when you visited with your brother?”

The doctor failed to quell Brandon’s uneasiness, instead adding to Chase's agitation. In turn, she folded her arms before inhaling deep and long choosing not to answer. Brandon insisted on inviting the doctor to dinner and now Chase regretted that she allowed it. The salt water-infused air reminded her that the unorthodox setting for the impromptu therapy session was his home and she was being ambushed. She felt herself suffocating right there, outside on the verandah, even with its serene coastal view behind them.

Chase attempted to clear her throat hoping to rid herself of the clawing feeling around it.

“Brandon, what is it?”

Brandon reached for her hand but remained silent. The pad of his thumb circled the back of her hand as he worked to hide the pain deep in his eyes.

“If the accident is behind us, why bring it up in front of her?”

“Babe, the accident didn’t cause this. It’s what happened after.”

Frowning, Chase studied him. At first, the After appeared to be a string of bad luck but ended up a blessing in disguise. The repos and dissolved relationships had freed her. Grinning, she didn’t understand why that would worry him. "That was all material and frivolous. It no longer matters."

His fingers tightened around hers. She glanced at Dr. Patankar catching her brows crease before masking her face.

“Then what is it?”

Tucking his head, Brandon turned away from her.

“You’ve made wonderful progress since you began treatment. I have no doubt that you’ll be just fine as we work through the rest,” Dr. Patankar interjected.

Chase called to him, her tone pleading with him to explain what was happening. “Brandon, what's going on?”

Silence. Seven months of waiting and longing, of dodging shame others tried to force upon her, and she survived it all. She thought it was all behind her, but was it? Chase shook her head, fighting the wariness she once felt for Brandon return. 

Dr. Patankar’s gentle voice pulled Chase and Brandon back into the conversation. “Tell her about that night. Start from the beginning, the same way you shared it with me.”

“That far back?”

“Tell her.”

Hearing her soft command, Brandon ran a hand down his face and sighed once again. He paused as if deep in thought before a soft chuckle escaped him. “Including the part where I told her for the first time how much I love her and she slapped me?"

Dr. Patankar offered a sympathetic smile and nodded.

- chasing moments by tia kelly. coming soon.

While everyone watched her live for the moment… she had to find a way to remember it.

I heard it all… I’m famous for being famous… that night was probably the best and worst thing to happen to me… I’m a fame whore… and lately the buzz is about my fifteen minutes being up.

My problem is that I don’t know if they’re right or not… I can’t remember.

What I can tell you is that my name is Chastity Ryan, but everyone insists on calling me Chase. And to my surprise, I have eight million followers. What am I doing with that many people listening to anything I have to say? The wiki facts about my life are out there and that’s all I have to tell me… that and thousands of updates, years worth of tweets and filtered images of a woman I barely even recognize, but she does look just like me. I guess I should be happy that I do have a breadcrumb trail on social media and the people around me to help me decipher its fleeting code…

Except I don’t know if I should trust them… and if that’s no one else’s fault but my own.

– Chase

Confirmed party girl Chase Ryan has it all… and she wants the world to know it. After making her way through all the hotspots and parties across town, Chase is used to waking up the morning after with no recollection of the night before. Until she wakes up one day with a thin memory about her entire life and all she can do is chase the moments she left behind hoping to figure out her own story.


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