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I currently have a few available spots for both BETA Readers and ARC Reviewers. Do you love to read and share reviews with others? Blog about books? Or have you ever read a book and wanted to suggest a few changes to the author? Sounds like we need to connect!

What's the difference between a BETA Reader and an ARC Reviewer?

BETA Reader:

  • A BETA Reader provides feedback on a manuscript before it is released. The author then considers this feedback while making final revisions to the manuscript.

ARC Reviewer:

  • An ARC Reviewer receives an advanced readers copy of the manuscript (usually prior to its release date) in exchange for an honest, timely review.

I understand it takes a lot of time and energy to volunteer your time to perform such a task, and for this I am grateful for everyone that's a part of the process. To make everything easier, here's information that I provide to all of my BETAs and ARC Review Team Members.

  • Your honest opinion is what I seek most - whether it is manuscript feedback or in a book review. Hearing your thoughts first (good, bad or indifferent) gives me time to reconsider how I deliver a story, because let's face it… it's kind of hard to undo a bad reader experience once a book is published. I also understand that not everything is for everyone. If for any reason a review opportunity arises, but it's not your ideal read (genre, theme, etc.), just let me know that you're going to pass on that selection and I'll completely understand. (However, after two or more passes, my team and I reserve the right to remove your name from the list.)
  • Oh yes… "the list." It's not used for SPAM. You're not even subscribed to my newsletter automatically. I respect your privacy and the information provided is to help us communicate about one thing - what you applied for. If you do want to sign up to be on my mailing list, click here.
  • BETAs are asked to provide timely feedback (turnaround schedules are based on length of read) to keep the writing process flowing. Deadlines for feedback will be provided in advance before material is sent.
  • ARC Reviewers are asked to read and post a review on at least two to three major review sites (Your Blog/Site, Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo and Google) no later than one week from release date.
  • ARCs are free. Yes, that means you get free books before anyone else. Please note, participation is voluntary and no compensation of any kind will be provided.
  • How you choose to write and/or rate your review is up to you. Of course, every author wants a five-star read, but credibility behind the ranking matters more. All I ask is that you avoid spoilers! However, if you're finding my ARCs are consistently ranking low on your list, perhaps I'm not the author for you. If that's the case, all it takes is a quick email to tia@tiawithapen.com and we'll remove your name from the list. No worries!
  • Occasionally ARCs will be made available for previously released work.
  • BETA Readers must have a Google account to access material and to provide feedback.
  • Review copies are almost always going to be ebook versions and will be encrypted. The sharing of ARCs without the author's consent is prohibited.
  • Instructions for the ARC download will be made available once a title is ready for you to review.
  • You understand that any BETA material and/or ARCs received are copyrighted material that belong to the author. Any reproduction, pirating or plagiarism of the author's work is grounds for legal action. This is a binding contract.
  • A limited number of ARCs are available and not everyone that applies will receive one or will receive a copy of every release thereafter. Priority for spots with each release will be given to reviewers with a review site and/or blog.
  • I write contemporary fiction (both women's fiction and contemporary romance). I love to read stories with a good HEA (happily ever after) or HFN (happy for now) ending, but that's not always how the story ends in a Tia Kelly novel. If you're still uncertain about signing up, check out my book list or sample a few free reads to determine if I'm the author for you.
  • We're just an email away. If you need to make any changes to your information, ask questions or to remove your name from the list, contact us at tia@tiawithapen.com.
  • Interested? Complete the form below. If you're selected, a welcome email will be sent to you. Once an opportunity to BETA and/or review becomes available, you will be contacted with additional information.
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I also understand that any BETA material and/or ARCs received are copyrighted material that belong to the author. The sharing or distribution of any content without the author's permission is prohibited. Any reproduction, pirating or plagiarism of the author's work is grounds for legal action. This is a binding contract.