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Recently, I discovered Mackenzie Madison of Philadelphia while checking out Instagram. Ayesha Curry shared one of her favorite makers of headbands for little girls. (Ayesha Curry is the wife of NBA player Steph Curry and mother of Riley… y'all know Riley… she's the real MVP of the NBA Finals after stealing the spotlight during her father's press conferences.) The picture she shared was of a little girl with the sweetest, plumpest cheeks and immediately I thought about London from Baby Love. The baby cuteness, the adorable headband and the shop being based in Philadelphia made me click the link and that's when I discovered a story more precious than I ever expected. The headbands, jewelry and clothing Amber creates are to help spread awareness about Congenital Heart Disease, a disease that personally affects her and her family.

Amber, a super mommy of two beautiful little girls, was so gracious to chat with me recently to help share her daughter's story with you. After you check out the interview, don't forget to stop by her Etsy shop and check out the cuties modeling for MMoP on her Instagram page.

Hi Amber! Tell me about Mackenzie Madison of Philadelphia.

Mackenzie Madison of Philadelphia is handmade accessories and jewelry for every girl… from the littlest baby girl to her adorable momma! All items are handmade by myself and my mom!

Do you mind telling us about the two beautiful little girls behind the name?

Absolutely! I named my business after my daughters, Kennedy Madison and Khloe Mackenzie.  Kennedy is my sassy yet adventurous two year old, who keeps me on my toes, and Khloe is my 8 month old heart baby, she was born with congenital heart disease last December.

What exactly is Congenital Heart Disease and why did you want to bring awareness to CHD?

Congenital Heart Disease (aka CHD) is heart defects formed in utero.  1 in 110 babies are born with CHD. There are many different types of defects, Khloe was born with an AV Canal Defect which means her heart formed two chambers instead of four, causing a huge hole in the middle of her heart.  She underwent open heart surgery in April to repair the defect.

How does it affect your daughter and family?

Now that Khloe has had her repair, life has gotten easier for us all.  Khloe will have to see a cardiologist for the rest of her life and she may not be able to have children.  Technology and medicines are improving, and who knows what will happen in the future. Khloe’s Cardiologist believes she will be able to play sports if she would like and hopefully she won’t need another surgery in her adult life.  CHD is something she will live with forever, and as parents, we will always worry about her heart.  My boyfriend and I aim to keep life as normal as possible for both girls. Kennedy isn’t able to go to daycare just yet, until Khloe is in a safe place, health wise.  We all have to make sacrifices but as parents, we try to make the best decisions for our family.

I love your headbands, shirts and jewelry, but your model Khloe… she is super cute! Oh my goodness, I want to just squeeze those precious cheeks of hers. How do you juggle being a mommy and creative entrepreneur?

It’s truly one of the hardest things I have done thusfar.  For me, scheduling is key.  I usually do social media and shipping work during the day, in between arts & crafts, playground trips & etc.  And then at night I am up until the wee hours of the morning sewing.  I am one tired momma but I want to make my girls proud!

You’re also donating a portion of the proceeds to the cardiac unit at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. First let me say that I heart CHOP. One of mine just had surgery there a few weeks ago and I can’t praise the staff enough. How is Khloe doing?

CHOP is the absolute best! They made us feel so comfortable during our stay.  There are so many great things for the families of patients at CHOP.  We are donating in the form of care packages and/or donated meals.  During one of Khloe’s stays, we were gifted a care bag and it was truly amazing! We were also so grateful for the weekly donated meals to the Ronald McDonald Room.  Khloe is doing so well! She’s currently doing Speech Therapy to help ditch her feeding tube that she’s become reliant on.  Heart-wise she is doing great! God is so so good!

Your headbands aren’t just for little ones. You also have adult versions, Mommy & Me sets and personalization on some of your items. Which products tend to be customer favorites?

Mommy and me headband & bracelet sets seem to be our customers favorite right now.  We receive so many pictures of our customers and their cute little ones in our matching sets! It’s the cutest thing! We really do love seeing the pictures!

Where can we find Mackenzie Madison of Philadelphia?

We currently sell on Etsy (www.mmofphilly.com) but we are working on our own site for those who prefer other options. We’re so excited for the launch and will be doing a huge contest/giveaway!  We are also on Instagram & Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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