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day nineteen. just walk away.


It's Day Nineteen in the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge! I'm a senses kind of girl, more so when I want to get in touch with my story. This is one I've been doing all day… exploring my surroundings while using the senses. It not only helps me with developing a story and characters, but getting more in touch with myself. (And it's good for me, too!)

Day 19: Go for a walk and practice mindfulness.

"Walks are a great opportunity to practice mindfulness. Pick a familiar route and pay full attention to your surroundings with all senses. You’ll be surprised how many new things you’ll notice and how refreshed you’ll feel after."

Don't forget to visit Romance Novel in Color this week to check out the RNIC Love Bites Flash Fiction stories. A new prompt is up for writers. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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