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days twenty-one through twenty-five. playing catch up.

The weekend happened, which means I forgot to post the 30-Day Challenge. I'm including the days prior, along with Day 24 for today. I'm even including tomorrow's, too… you know, just in case. *smile*

Today is all about practicing gratitude. What and who are you grateful for?

Day 21: Journal for twenty minutes.

"Writing helps you organise your thoughts and de-stresses. Sit down for twenty minutes today to write about anything that comes to mind. If you like it, consider incorporating a quick daily writing session into your regular routine."

Day 22: Create a relaxing bedtime routine.

"Improve your sleep quality and energy levels by taking the time to properly wind down at the end of each day. Do some writing, read a good book, have a cup of tea, get everything ready for the next day, etc. Try it today!"

Day 23: Go bare-faced.

"Re-set what you consider essential by following a bare-bones beauty routine just for today (no make up and minimal skin care). You may well discover that many of the products you thought you need are really optional and can then streamline your regular routine a little."

Day 24: Practice gratitude.

"Becoming a minimalist is above all about being mindful and appreciating the little (and big) things that are already a part of your life. Assignment for today: Write a long list of everything (and everyone) you are grateful for in life."

Day 25: Leave a whole day unplanned.

"In our culture, we are so used to making the most out of every free minute of the day, it can be almost scary to not have any plans for once. Be brave today and see where it takes you."

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