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I woke up wanting to send a huge thank you to Michelle Monkou and USA Today for choosing another one of my books as one of their must reads. Check out what was said about Baby Love on Happily Ever After today by clicking here.

Tia Kelly's Baby Love is filled with baby cuteness and romance. Here's a story about single fatherhood suddenly thrust on an unsuspecting hero. The beauty of this story is how this small bundle of joy helps to transform many lives, just as effectively as the other conflicts that push the story forward.

While Trent Scott wore his hero-shoes well, I did enjoy Brandi, who played well opposite him. The sparks popped up between the two, and their magic when they were together was adorable and funny. Another hit for short romantic reads. Well done, Tia Kelly.

- USA Today

About Baby Love by Tia Kelly

The son of an NBA legend, Trent Scott was born a catch and groomed since birth to know it. Little fazes him, including the mystery woman that appears on his doorstep with a baby in tow… even when she claims Trent is the father before disappearing. Until he can prove otherwise and find the delusional woman, he’s stuck caring for a kid he knows can’t be his… or is it?

Brandi Avery is ready to start the next chapter of her life. After coming to the rescue of a frazzled (and extremely attractive) stranger with an adorable (yet obviously upset) baby, she can’t help but fall for Trent Scott... which wouldn’t be so bad if she could convince him to feel the same way about her.

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Also available in paperback.

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